King of Avalon Hack

King of Avalon Hack

King of Avalon Hack
King of Avalon Guide

The story King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare draws a handful of arthurian legends. Production takes players to the mythical version of early medieval England. After the death of King Arthur, killed by Mordred in the Battle of Camlann, the country fell into chaos. The ruler’s body was taken to the title island of Avalon, along with the famous sword Excalibur. Legend has it that the person who will obtain this weapon will become the rightful successor of Arthur and lead peace in a war-torn land.

In King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare on the AND and iOS platform, the action is presented in an isometric view. Gameplay is based on activities such as the expansion of the city, obtaining resources and taking care of technological facilities, recruiting a great army, and establishing alliances with neighboring rulers and the fight for the English throne. Regardless of the decisions we make, the key to success is cooperation with other players. Communication is facilitated by the built-in chat, and the relationships between individual participants of the game also include trade.

In addition to standard units like knights and archers, we can send one of the title dragons to the fight – its appearance, character and combat effectiveness depend on the orders given. The Beast trained to kill enemies gains Attack Points, while the reptile sent only to defensive actions and the collection of resources receives Defense Points. In addition, during the struggle we can use the services of the Dragon Priestess who can cast spells that give our army an advantage on the battlefield.

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Put your armor on! The most anticipated real-time MMO of 2018 is now available! Raise your dragon and build a powerful army to raise the legendary Excalibur sword and become a King. Taste power and victory, gaining friends and getting to know enemies. Chat, help, trade and take part in the war with players from around the world. The death of King Arthur left an empty throne. Return to medieval times – the battle for the kingdom is just beginning!

king of avalon guide

Beginner’s Guide to the King of Avalon Game is a set of questions and answers about the game in both the Android and iOS versions. Here you will find frequently asked questions, tips and tips that will help you understand it in the initial phase of the game.

What are Jewels and refining stones?

Jewels are special stones that can be put into the inventory to increase his stats. In the game, we distinguish several methods for acquiring gems:

  • from Portal Monsters,
  • from the Merlin Gift,
  • from the Golden Event,
  • from the Event of the Fallen Knights,
  • from Happy Shot,
  • from packages.

Jewels cannot be used on scrolls. Before using, you need to take the gem from the Inventory and then it is available in the Armory. Select items of equipment with a free slot and press on them to assign a Jewel there. Each Nest has a different shape and only Jewels of identical shape fit it. Once the jewel has been embedded in an object, you can remove it by using the Recovery Kit or destroy it completely. If we destroy a jewel, there is no way to recover it. In the game, we will also find refining stones and, as the name says, they serve to ennoble gems. We can use other gems to improve jewels.

How to get noble keys and chests?

King of Avalon Hack
King of Avalon Hack

Noble Boxes can have different levels, and we get them through:

  • killing Monsters,
  • from the chests for killing the Barbarians,
  • from some packages.
  • We will need noble keys to open the precious chests. We will get them from:
  • Daily Prize
  • Daily Reward at the Tavern
  • some packages

To open such a box, click on Process and if we have a glass key, it will be unlocked and wait until it is opened by us and the key will disappear.

How to use the Forge?

Blacksmith’s functions can be divided into three different processes:

  1. Altering. First, we need to get fragments of scrolls by killing monsters or buy them in the game store. When we collect the right amount of fragments, we convert them into Scroll in the Forge.
  2. The forging. Having a scroll we give it to a blacksmith, thanks to which he lays out his equipment.
  3. Strengthening. It is possible to strengthen the equipment with the scroll and increase its effectiveness.

What is forbidden labyrinth?

To open the Forbidden Labyrinth, we must summon our Dragon Spirit. In the maze, we fight monsters to move to higher levels, where we will get much more valuable rewards. It is worth going to the maze to take care of a larger pannier, enlarge it thanks to research, talents and skills. Why do I write about it? Well, the open chests acquired in the maze give us a lot of rewards that land from pockets.

Runes of the Dragon Spirit

Runes are magic stones that can be put in the Dragon Spirit equipment, thus strengthening its capabilities. We move them first to the Dragon Spirit Armory by clicking Use in Inventory.

Runes and Stones can be found in the Arena of Ghosts, and we will win in the Game in Bones and we will find them in some packages. Only put the rune in a nest with the same color as the fleece. Levels of runes can be increased using other runes or upgrading stones. With the help of the Run Recovery Kit, we can remove the rune from the inventory.

How to get free Gold In king avalon?

King of Avalon Hack Guide
King of Avalon Guide
  1. Achieve Achievements.
  2. Perform some missions. For the Epic Missions, you can get free Gold.
  3. Join the Alliance for the first time. As soon as you enter the alliance for the first time, you will get gold and two teleports of the alliance as a reward.
  4. Deposit in the Crypt. In the crypt, you can set up a deposit for your gold and you will receive interest earnings. There are several plans for such deposits.
  5. Crush the Bank in the Crystal Ball. Check your luck and enter the Tavern, and choose the Crystal Ball there.
  6. Try your luck in the Tarot Cards at the Fortune Teller. In Tawerna, you can visit the Fortune Teller and spin the Zodiacal Circle, for which you will get a chance to be invited to the Tarot, and here you will win gold as it goes well.
  7. Participate in the In-Game Events. Stay tuned to the Event Center, which you will find near the Dragon’s Den. Take part in available events, where practical gold is always a reward.
  8. Merlin’s gift. A Merlin Gift sometimes appears in the vicinity of Everyday Delivery, do not forget to pick it up.
  9. Get Gold on the Black Market. As a King, you can have more opportunities to earn free gold on the Black Market, just use the Black Market Contacts skills to exchange the Royal Gold Coins.
  10. Receive Gold from system messages. Often the game team sends valuable information and rewards, so read these messages.
  11. Take part in social events. In social accounts, information about additional prizes often appears.
  12. Gift Boxes of the Alliance and Lord. If you are a member of at least one day in the alliance, check the Gift Boxes tab in your Alliance.

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